TruSculpt 3D

Non-invasive body contouring with TruSculpt 3D:


Are you searching for a convenient, effective way to reduce your excess body fat without the trouble or risk of liposuction? An innovative noninvasive body sculpting technology that doesn’t even break the skin? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Lotus Laser & Spa is thrilled to offer the revolutionary TruSculpt 3D by Cutera. Lotus Laser & Spa is excited to be the first provider of TruSculpt 3D in Bellevue! Using deep tissue heating, TruSculpt 3D allows us to shift your body fat and mold the ideal figure. TruSculpt 3D gently melts only targeted excess fat cells, leaving you with a sculpted, contoured look. Say goodbye to muffin tops, inner thighs, saddle bags, double chins, love handles and back fat and say hello to a slimmer body with TruSculpt 3D. Call us today (425) 454-2617 to schedule your consultation. Discover the amazing transformative power of TruSculpt 3D to give you the body shape you’ve always wanted.

Benefits: *Amazing Results *Nonsurgical *No Downtime
*Cost Effective *Quick Results

How Exactly Does TruSculpt 3D Work?

The first step is scheduling a visit with Lotus Laser & Spa. After we’ve determined the course of treatment that best suits you, we apply the versatile TruSculpt handpiece to the skin, delivering precise, targeted pulses of RF energy. These energy pulses cause fat cells to heat and shrink, resulting in skin contraction, slimming the body contours while smoothing cellulite. Heat levels can be adjusted to the comfort of each patient. The entire process is pain-free with zero discomfort. Many patients get in and out of our office within the course of a lunch break!

Many patients get in and out of our office within the course of a lunch break!

What to Expect:

During treatment, radio waves will pass through the TruScupt device. Each region will be treated for 15 minutes. During the treatment, you will experience a warming sensation as the fat cells are destroyed by heat, like a hot stone massage. You may experience slight redness after treatment which should disappear within one day.

Who Stands to Benefit From TruSculpt?

TruSculpt 3D treatments are designed to suit individuals from all walks of life and of all skin types. During your initial consultation, we’ll determine what the best course of treatment is to achieve your individual aesthetic enhancement goals. We give each and every one of our patients their own unique treatment plan. Call us at 425.454.2617 to make your consultation appointment to speak to one of our clinicians to get more information.

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