Our medical director, a renowned dermatologist, Dr. Lawrence Gogenola, has been practicing medicine since 1987. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Dr Gogenola graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine, where he was board-certified in dermatology.

parisa02Our caring and knowledgeable clinic manager, Parisa will assist you with a treatment plan after an extensive consultation on your first visit. Parisa believes, the amount of personal attention given to each client and detail, and making sure the clients get the best results, is what distinguishes this practice. She received her pharmacy degree from the University of Texas in 1991. She practiced as a pharmacist for 16 years before deciding to combine her clinical knowledge and experience with her passion for skin improvement and rejuvenation. She truly enjoys helping people feel their best and going through transformation they’ve always wanted to achieve. She has worked with Dr. Gogenola since 2007 in skin care and cosmetic dermatology.

Parisa enjoys spending her free time with her husband, two children and her little shih tzu named Chocolate.

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