Mona_FoundationThe Mona Foundation mission as a 501 (c) (3) organization is to support grassroots educational initiatives that educate everyone including girls so that each individual can become an agent of change in the social and economic development of their own communities. They believe that the most leveraged way to alleviate global poverty is through universal education and gender equality. Today Mona Foundation supports 17 educational initiatives in 8 countries, touching the lives of tens of thousands of children, women and their families.

Based on the United Nations 2008 Development Report, “investment in girls” education may well be the highest return investment in the developing world. We also have learned that development and the betterment of society is sustainable only when local communities build capacity to create their own Mona Foundation sends 100% of all Designated Funds, and 97% of contributions given to the General Fund, to the projects it supports after a 3% bank processing fee for online contributions.

Our practice has chosen the Mona Foundation as our direction for giving back to the world. We pick a few weeks out of the year and for the whole week part of the proceeds is donated to Mona Foundation as our way of showing support to this great cause. We believe the Mona Foundation’s purposes serve the ultimate ideal: to bring people of all backgrounds together in service to each other across cultural, national, religious, racial, and economic divides to systematically contribute our human and material resources.

We invite you to join us in our quest to give back and truly make the world a better place. Donate today at:

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