Client’s Reviews

“I have been a customer at Lotus for over a year and would highly recommend them. Great customer service and results! I especially appreciate their friendliness, relaxing atmosphere and that they are always on time. As a busy mom I’m often squeezing in appointments and here I’ve never had to wait. Love that!”   – Jennifer M

“I visited Lotus Laser & Spa for laser hair removal, and I’ve had a wonderful experience. I found their laser to be quick, easy, effective, and virtually painless. Lotus has provided a top rate experience – highly recommend.”   – Bethany H

“This is my go-to place for facial treatment. I was initially referred to Lotus by my dermatologist – and that meant a lot to me. I was not disappointed. I have purchased high quality products from Lotus, have had pampering facials, but my primary reason for being a long-time client of this place is for the Laser Treatment for my broken capillaries and hyperpigmentation. I return to Lotus every couple of years for “touch-ups” even though there are places closer to me because I trust their consistent results. I’m a 46 year old woman, but I am continually mistaken for a woman much younger. I blame it on Lotus.”    – Anonymous

“The staff was awesome!!! They have very flexible appointment times, make the procedures comfortable and do an over all excellent job! I got a full brazilian laser hair removal and am VERY pleased with the results.”   – Sarah J

“I did a lot of research before deciding to go to Lotus for Brazilian laser hair removal. I had tried one session years ago at another place where i had my legs done and vowed never again due to the pain. As I thought about giving it another try this year, I researched indepthly which lasers were the latest in technology that were good at removing hair as well as the least painful. This research lead me to Lotus due to their use of a larger treatment area laser with an innovative vacuum assist technology which reduces the treatment time up to 75% while significantly improving the comfort…….. Lotus makes hair removal something you can look forward to rather than dread. I feel sorry for anyone having to go through with a Brazilian laser with the traditional horrible laser when the newer technology is out there in places such as Lotus.”   – Orlene C

“Inviting and Professional – I have been visiting Lotus Spa over the past year and have been consistently impressed with the welcoming, professional attitude, as well as the treatment results. I am happy to recommend this spa.”   – Jlynn

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